with Brandon Hawk
Start this 10 week journey to unlearn fear, reconnect to lovebuild your life, relationships & career around 
the limitless YOU.
This journey is about YOU.
 ...Unashamedly, unapologetically about YOU. 
For far too long, we've been taught to bypass ourselves for... (fill in the blank). Production. Performance. Peace. The list goes on and with every new answer, a new pain.

The answer to living a good and connected life that you've been looking for is not in religion or even spirituality. It's in a relationship with none other than, YOU.

This journey is about you showing up for YOU. You coming through for YOU. You giving to yourself what you have always sought from others. 
It's about you unlearning fear and reconnecting to love. It’s about you awakening your heart, not just enlightening your mind. It’s about feeling good, not just looking or behaving good. It’s about real connection with yourself and people and the world, not just half-baked relationships. 

It's about you learning to live from the inside out and not leaving YOU out of the life you create. It’s about you leaving who you are supposed to be for who you really are. 

This journey is about you becoming the limitless YOU. 

Shall we begin?

Before I set out on this journey myself, I was stuck & lonely.
I was indirectly taught when young that my value as a person was directly tied to how well I performed athletically. So I performed, all the way to playing at Wimbledon as a 19 year old. Yet, I perpetually felt the deep aloneness that this ‘perform for value’ way of life creates.
After my body gave out on me from Tennis, I “took my talents” to the Christian church. The context changed but my way of sucking value from the world didn’t. There I was even more surrounded by people and felt even more desperately alone, completely disconnected from myself.
Most of my life was spent striving to please people with my performance, all the while feeling scared that I might fuck it all up. Scared of failing. Scared of letting everyone down. Scared of myself. Just scared and having not the first clue of what to do with that feeling. 
I rarely felt alive in my relationships. I was bored with my marriage; as a father; with life. I gained 35 pounds and developed a tumor in my stomach the size of a orange. I was dying on the inside. 

How do you break out of this matrix?
I developed a relationship with myself. I got ME back, or perhaps for the first time ever. I stopped living from the outside-in, dictated by others and performance and whatever other rule was thrown at me. I learned to live from the inside-out; to listen to myself; to accept myself; to partner with myself; to LOVE myself. And it changed everything.

Tools You'll Get on This 10 Week Journey...
Read a chapter each week of perspective crafted and developed over a decade of community exploration & experimentation.
Get access to several dozen hour-long classes taught in conjunction with the guide book to listen to each week.
Weekly Touch Points
Be reminded by a comprehensive email every week to engage with the multiple levels of the YOU(JOURNEY).
What to Expect Along the Journey...
Along the way, we'll make confront a handful of things that have limited YOU being fully YOU, alive & in a dynamic relationship with YOURSELF! 
We'll start by creating contrast between the cycle of fear that many of us get stuck in without ever knowing & the cycle of LOVE. The fear of exposure, separation & control has kept most of living small. On the contrary, love is inviting us to deeper levels of acceptance, vulnerability & FREEDOM. 

 We'll then spend several weeks creating contrast between some core values of our culture & the core values of an elevated life. These are things like...
+ Agreement-based communities vs Unity-based ones.
+ Co-dependent relationships vs Interdependent ones.
+ Performance-driven life vs Connection-based life.
+ Power-over (control) vs Power-Under (acceptance)
+ Reaction-Based Living vs Vision-Based Living
And in the end, we'll internalize how to break through any sense of limitation we feel to create "the limitless life."

Next, we'll awaken the heart, a mechanism up to 5000x more powerful than the mind when allowed to influence the decisions we make and the way we interact in the world.
We'll then apply the cycles of love into everyday processes by answering the questions: 'Who is God? Who am I? And what is my divine purpose?'

What Other's Have Said...
"I've learned to bring my passion, love, charisma, creativity & connectedness into my business, family & every other part of my life—which has created momentum wherever I go and made me feel more alive everyday!"
Shay Ratliff
CEO @ Ratliff Marketing Group
"The YOU(JOURNEY) has helped me realize that I was living on a near empty cup and wasn't in touch with my heart at the level I need to be. It's helped me make shifts and move towards a deeper, more heart-centered life which has given me more inner power and juice to live with passion and give my best to the world."
Mike Zeller
CEO @ Elevated United
"I now have a real connection with my wife & son, thanks to the YOU(JOURNEY). In many ways, it's given me the life I've always wanted but never knew was possible."
Shawn Fluitt
CEO @ Time Keepers Security Inc.
Everyone embodies this journey differently. 
However, I can tell you what those who have gone before you have experienced. 

+ Several retired men have reported feeling happy and truly alive for the first time since they were 20-something. 
+ Many people have reported that they've "found themselves for the first time.” 
+ Over two dozen marriages have been saved & several others have been rightly let go of.
+ Executives that I've coached through this journey have reported their wealth coming easier and more excessive than ever before.
+ Wives have come to me and expressed how their husbands have become the man they always thought they married. (I thought that was too cool!)

+ Fathers have “gotten their kids back” and emotionally connected with their sons for the first time in their life. 
+ A couple that hadn’t had sex in over ten years felt like high schoolers in bed again. 
+ Interestingly, we've had so many people lose their excess weight without changing their exercise habits!
+ Mother's have reported feeling uncapped beyond their role as mother for the first time since having kids.
+ Businesses, on paper, have grown by up to 1000% after their leaders embarked on this journey!

Brandon Hawk International 2017